About The Little Art Bus


We want to park a creative experience right outside your door. The bus provides a fun and creative environment that can be at your house, workplace, the park or anywhere without the hassle of making and cleaning up a mess. Our personal goal is to provide a second income for our family, create a challenging and rewarding environment to employees while providing a new way to spread some art therapy through our community!

Helping children in need and contributing to our community is a high priority. We have a donation request form for those seeking a creative contribution from TLAB. We also regularly donate craft parties on the bus to local children's organizations. Once a month, Niki, provides Art Therapy to the Fort Worth VA. "Providing Art Therapy to those in need is my therapy." --Niki

Teaching and sharing art is a continuous learning process. Each experience with our clients, big and small, opens the door to new ideas and opportunities. We can't wait to see what we can learn from you!

 Who is The Little Art Bus

The Little Art Bus is a 32 foot Tiffany Blue School Bus converted into a mobile Art Studio. It is operated by:

Niki Little-Owner/Driver/Instructor

Allen Little-Niki's husband, Computer and IT guru, emotional support, heavy lifting, maintenance and various tasks thrown at him at any given time

Elise Little-Niki and Allen's 3 year old daughter, sometimes assistant when she feels like it

Heather Foster-Marketing Director and everything Assistant. All around life saver

Katelyn Schuckenbrock-Bus assistant for Art Parties and events

Dorothy Yoakam-Bus Assistant for Art Parties and events, Photographer

How It Started

I quit my job to start bringing art activities to preschools and focus more on my watercolor art (Ellie B Little). Carrying around bins, loading and unloading bins and taking over space in the preschools was fine but I wanted a better situation. A brick and mortar would be too difficult for the preschools to transport kids to on a regular basis. Sometimes I would see The Tumble Bus at the preschools. I thought "Hmmm. What about the Art Bus?" We looked, dreamed and talked about it for a while until  a family member said, "that's genius. If you think you can build the business enough to pay for it, we'll give you a loan." So we agreed to take the leap! From there it went and continues to grow. 

What we Do

We park this big beautiful bus in most places we are requested.  We set everything up to create your personal art studio and wait for the fun to begin. Niki guides the guests through their painting or craft project from start to finish. Bus Assistants help our guests if they have trouble or need some more supplies. 

We also allow other artists and makers to rent the bus to host their own workshop. We love to help others grow and teach their trades!