Morgan's Party

Terms & Conditions

Rental Agreement

This contract for the rental of The Little Art Bus and Art party services is made by and between Ellie Co., LLC, hereafter referred to as OWNER and, above named, hereafter referred to as RENTER. Whereas, the Renter desires to temporarily rent, occupy, and make use of the Owner’s venue, which will be located at RENTER provided address and known as The Little Art Bus, and Whereas, the Owner agrees to such rental, occupation, and use in consideration of certain payments and covenants herein enumerated;

Premises & Rates:

Ellie Co., LLC hereby agrees to make available to Renter for the exclusive use of the Renter, the following facilities located on your residential premises, at the time and date(s) and for the purposes(s) indicated at the following rates.


Private Art Party

Event Space:

The Little Art Bus interior, activity leader and helper plus all necessary supplies for the above selected party for 10 Artists for adult parties or 12 Artists for kids' parties plus additional cost according to chosen package for additional artists. Over 18 painters will require an additional bus assistant ($50).

Due to health and safety during the pandemic, currently we can only allow up to 14 artists on the bus at a time. Parties with more than 14 participants will need to be split into 2 groups for the creative activities. One group will create on the bus, the other group will need to create outside of the bus, preferably in a covered, climate controlled area like a garage, porch, or covered patio.

For our "Paint + Craft" parties, both groups will create their crafts simultaneously, on and off the bus.

For our "Paint + Craft" parties, Group 1 will be on the bus participating in the guided painting project while Group 2 will be outside working on their craft project. We will take a short break to tidy up and reset all of the painting and crafting supplies then Group 2 will hop on the bus to paint while Group 1 makes the craft project outside.

For our "Adult Paint" parties both groups will paint simultaneously, one group on the bus and the other group outside of the bus. Since both groups will be painting at the same time, an additional instructor will be required (additional $50 fee).

For all parties, if there is a covered and climate controlled outdoor space with tables where all of the attendees can comfortably sit, we would be happy to guide the entire group together.

Reservation Deposit:


A. Location Costs & Fees

If there are any costs/fees associated with the location the client has chosen for their party, you, the RENTER, will be responsible for those fees. Ellie Co., LLC DBA The Little Art Bus will not guarantee or arrange payment on any location. Party fee covers travel within 25 miles of Fort Worth 76107. Any location outside of these limits will be subject to an additional charge of $50 for up to 50 miles. We do not travel over 50 miles from 5128 Birchman Ave. Fort Worth. TX 76107.

B. Rescheduling

Should any act of God such as earthquake, flood, storms, snow, etc. or other unforeseen event reasonably beyond Ellie Co., LLC’s control that prevents access to the premises for a scheduled event, Customer agrees and understands that no refunds are permitted. We understand that situations do come up beyond our control. If you need to cancel for any reason, please notify The Little Art Bus via email or phone as soon as possible. A full refund -$50 reservation deposit can be given if notification is received within 48 hours. If you wish to reschedule, there will be a second reservation fee of $50 if notified less than two weeks before your original date as we cannot book any other events during your reserved time slot.

C. Payment

Payment(s) may be made through an emailed invoice. Each additional guest is an additional fee based on chosen party package along with additional applicable charges for Extra activities and services, added to the end total and due prior to departure of the Little Art Bus.

D. Damage

Renter understands that acrylic, non-washable paint will be used to complete painting projects. Loaner aprons will be provided to each guest participating in activities. Renter shall not hold Owner responsible for any damaged clothing due to participation in activities included in party package activities selected by Renter.

E. Liability

The Little Art Bus is not responsible for items belonging to Renter or Renter’s guests that are lost, stolen, or damaged during the rental period. Renter hereby acknowledges that it is liable for the actions and behavior of Renter’s guests during the rental period, and at any other time such guest is on the The Little Art Bus as a result of Renter’s use of The Little Art Bus. Ellie Co., LLC is not liable for the safety of Renter’s guests. Renter agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Ellie Co., LLC from all liability arising from the activities of Renter and Renter’s guests during the rental period.

F. Rental Requests

Renter may bring their own alcoholic beverages so long as each guest serves themselves and does not conflict with the location’s (if other than a residence) rules and TABC laws.

Renter understands that a parent from the Renter’s party must remain on the bus at all times while children occupy the bus. Any children under the age of 4 must have parental assistance with the art activities.