Easter Painting Timelapse

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Easter Painting Timelapse



1. Water

2. Watercolor Paper-Kid Made Modern from Target makes nice thick paper perfect for kiddos. It withstands all the excessive water, paint and rubbing in one spot that kids are prone to do.

3. Paper towels

4. Paint Brushes-Ikea Target-both of these brushes are decent quality and have nice soft bristles that are perfect for watercolor

5. Watercolor Paint-This little watercolor set from Ikea has been Aces!

Paint It:

First I painted the shape of the first bunny with a thick round brush soaked in water. Be sure to get it wet enough for the paint to spready quickly.

Next, Elise loaded another thick round brush with a color of her choice and dropped the color in the water on the paper.

If the water starts drying up before your little fills it with color, just quickly add a little more water.

We let the bunnies dry and then I went back and added the eyes, paw shapes and ear detail.

That's it! Stick it in a cute frame and you have Easter Art or just some cute little bunnies for your kid room!




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