DIY Watercolor Stickers

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DIY Watercolor Stickers

Watercolor stickers are fun and easy for any age! I have set this up in my booths at Markets and people love it. I've also used it for a Process Art Lesson for my Preschool Art Class. Use this as a babyshower activity for an expecting Mom to make some nursery Art or put in the scrapbook. Whatever! They're fun, easy and the supplies are inexpensive. All the info is below so read on!

Supplies (use whatever you like, not all of these are necessary)

  • Liquid watercolors (these are very vibrant and you only need a few drops mixed with a little water. A little goes a long way!)
  • Spray Bottles (the linked set includes droppers that are fun to use too, however, this type is a little difficult for tiny hands to use. I got my spray bottles at Target in the 1 Spot. They had spray chalk in them and I just cleaned them out after we used the chalk)
  • Assorted stamps (Amazon has the best deals to buy a whole set, but you can buy at any retailer that sells craft products, Michael's has great sets for $1 by the registers. I posted pics on the Blog version!)
  • Ink Pad (you just need one, but having color options never hurt anyone!)
  • Blank paper STICKERS!!!
  • Markers (Sharpie or paint pens wont bleed as much but a cheap pack will do just fine)
  • Scrap paper, newspaper, paper towels or something under your sticker to catch the overspray and drips

 I found these treasures on a shopping trip to Michael's:


They're right up in front of the registers! The craft version of Target's little Dollar section. Excellent! 

Spray Away!

  • Layer on your colors starting with lightest to darkest.
  • Hold the sticker up and let some excess run off (the colors will run together a little which is fun to watch and it will dry faster)
  • Doing this activitity outside is better for drying time.
  • Once it's dry, you can add another spray or two to get some bright color bursts (but you have to wait for it to dry again)
  • After it's dry and you're satisfied with the colors, add your stamps!

Write something!

I love my gold paint pen for everything! I didn't really like how my initials came out, but you get the idea! 

Happy Stickering! 

Let us know how yours came out. Comment and post pics below!



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